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Tommy Hilfiger

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    Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s most recognisable brands ever created and this is all thanks to the designer behind this eponymous label and empire.  Growing up in Elmira, New York, Hilfiger started to work in retail at the age of 18, opening a store with his school friends called ‘The People’s Place’.  The store was an instant hit; it sold bell-bottom jeans, clothes, incense and vinyl that Hilfiger that his friends had sourced from New York.  Because of the store’s success, Tommy Hilfiger skipped college, believing that he could teach himself how to grow a business without the need for a formal education.  Just seven years later, when Hilfiger was just 25, ‘The People’s Place’ went bankrupt forcing him to go and study.  Learning the nuts and bolts of business, rather than just the creative side equipped him for his future in fashion and in 1985, after working for and alongside various brands, Tommy Hilifger decided to create his own men’s sportswear label.  Financially backed by Indian entrepreneur Mohan Murjani, a massive marketing campaign including a billboard in Times Square announced Hilfiger as the next big thing in American fashion.  It worked, and soon Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy clothes with his instantly recognisable red, white and blue logo became widely popular, so much so that he branched out into women’s clothing and fragrance too.  Embraced by hip-hop stars and celebrities during the nineties, figures hit an all time high for the brand.  Although its popularity dipped slightly at the turn of the new century, Hilfiger reworked the brand to sell more classic lines and once again, Tommy Hilfiger is a highly sought after brand with more than 1,400 stores in over 90 countries.  Collaborations with celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Zendaya in recent times had made Tommy Hilfiger a popular choice for a younger market, sealing the brand’s success for the future.  Tommy Hilfiger kids clothes perfectly embody the preppy American style of the adult’s collections, infused with a youthful, sporty style featuring the iconic flag logo and red, white and blue branding.  From cute and cool Tommy Hilifger baby clothes, to chic looks for teens up to age sixteen, the Tommy Hilfiger junior collection is definitely designed with all kids in mind.

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