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The Parajumpers, the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron based in Anchorage, are highly trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in some of the wildest, hostile and most remote areas of the world.  It was a chance encounter with one of these brave men during a trip to Anchorage, Alaska that gave designer Massimo Rossetti the inspiration to create Parajumpers, one of the world’s leading outerwear brands.   Formed in 2006, Parajumpers are a tribute to these courageous men, translating their work attire into contemporary outerwear and ready to wear for men, women and children.  Always pushing the boundaries and developing new fabric ideas in the most sustainable ways, Parajumpers are built to last.  Made with the Parajumpers Squadron in mind, many of the coats feature a large, zippable multi-cargo pocket, or a collection of pockets on the frontline, designed for carrying accessories such as GPS devices or mobile phones.  Then for warmth, padded-down is used to line the coats, and fur is used to trim the hoods.  In another nod to the regiment, creative collar fastenings, like hooks used for parachuting, are incorporated into many Parajumpers designs.  And, in the interests of sustainability, the fur used in the creation of Parajumpers is ethically sourced and farm-bred.  Parajumpers kids are a successful merger of technology and functionality and are an example of affordable and practical, top-quality outerwear.  Shop kids Parajumpers in ages 6 to 16 years.

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