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1873: the birth of blue jeans.  Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davies obtained a U.S patent for the process of putting rivets into men’s work pants and the first blue jeans were born.  By putting rivets at the points of strain, the pair had created a more durable pair of work pants that revolutionised the garment market forever.  In 1886 the Levi’s logo, of two horses attempting to pull apart a pair of waist overalls, was born depicting the strength of the jeans and the start of a very successful clothing brand.  By 1934, Levi’s was making jeans for women too.  In 1936, the first ‘Levi’s’ red tab was added to the right back-pocket of the jeans, in order to differentiate them from their competitor brands; the red tab can still be found in the same place on 501 jeans today.  By 1965, to suit the growing demand globally for jeans and other denim apparel, Levi’s began to set up offices and factories around the world and the rest is history!  Levi’s kids are directly inspired by both men’s and women’s wear, for perfect mini-me pieces.  Kids Levi jeans start in infant sizes and are available up to 16 years.  Many Levi’s kids t-shirts feature the iconic red logo, but there are also fun seasonal styles available from baby to teen.  Choose Levi childrenswear for iconic branding, high-quality fashionable jeans, cool infant wear and t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and denim jackets for ages up to 16 years.

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