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DC Rewards

DC Rewards is Designer Childrenswear's loyalty programme where DC Reward Points gain you access to exclusive rewards which increase with each and every level then with every spend of £100 you will be sent a £5 DC Rewards vouchers to use on your next order.

Terms and conditions apply so read our FAQs below and be one of the first in the know


1x Double points day

1x FREE delivery day (minimum spend applies)


2x Double points days

2x FREE delivery days (minimum spend applies)

Advance warning of sales


3x Double points days 

3x FREE delivery days (minimum spend applies)

At least 24-hour early access to sales


4x Double points days per year

4x FREE delivery days (minimum spend applies)

At least 48-hour early access to sales


What is DC Rewards?

DC Rewards is Designer Childrenswear's Loyalty Programme


DC Reward Points

One aspect of our loyalty programme is where you earn points on purchases. You'll earn five points for every £1 spent. The points you earn then determine which DC Rewards Level you're part of. With each increasing level you gain access to more exclusive rewards.


DC Reward Vouchers

The other aspect of our loyalty programme is where every spend of £100 earns you a £5 DC Reward Voucher to use on your next order. One voucher per order can be used and £30 minimum spends apply. Vouchers have a 30 day expiry from the date first issued. Voucher code needs to be used at time of purchase and can not be redeemed after a sale has already been made. Limited to one voucher per transaction. 

Voucher code rewards are not applicable on sale or promotional items.


How do DC Reward Points Work?

DC Reward Points are awarded every time a DC Rewards customer makes a purchase.

For every £1 you spend on qualifying purchases, you'll be awarded five points. Points are only awarded for items that are kept and not returned, and will show as 'cleared' on your account on the 29th day after your order was placed. Cleared points expire and are reset to 0 after 180 days.


What Happens If I Return An Order Paid For With A DC Rewards Voucher?

If you return or cancel an order that was placed using a DC Rewards voucher as full payment, any refund will be given in DC Reward vouchers. If you paid with a combination of payment card and DC Rewards voucher, we'll refund anything you paid for with your debit/credit card first, and then the remaining amount will be credited to your DC account in the form of a DC Rewards voucher. When you receive a replacement DC Rewards voucher, the expiry date will be the same as on your original voucher.


Can You Tell Me More About The DC Reward Levels?

For each £1 you spend on purchases, you'll earn five level points. You'll receive these points on the 29th day after your order was placed, subject to no items being returned. Your level points will determine which DC Rewards level you're in, with each level unlocking a range of awesome rewards.

Once you've made a qualifying order, you'll be allocated a level based on the point ranges below:


DC Insider:  400 - 999 points

DC Gold:  1,000 – 2,999 points

DC Platinium:  3,000 – 9,999 points

DC Elite:  10,000 points


If you have less than 400 points, you won't be placed in a level yet and will be at 'Entry' status. As soon as you've got enough points, you'll be placed into the relevant level.

You can view your level points within your DC account.

If you return items from an order, you'll only receive level points for the items that you've kept. If you return any items after the 29th day, it's within our discretion to accept your return. If we do and level points have already been added, the equivalent level points that were earned for the items returned will be deducted from your level points and your level will be adjusted if those points contributed to any level upgrade.

No level points are deducted when DC Reward Vouchers are created, and there's no limit to the number of level points you can earn in a year.


How Can I Sign Up For DC Rewards?

If you're a new customer and you're eligible, you'll be signed up automatically when you place your first order. To be eligible for DC Rewards, you must be a DC account holder, aged 18 years or over. As soon as you're registered, you'll start earning points. Your level points will appear on the 29th day after your purchase.



What Happens To My DC Reward Points If I Return An Item?

If you return any item for a refund with 28 days of placing your order, the equivalent points will be deducted from your pending DC Reward Points.

If you return an item more than 28 days after the purchase was made and your return is accepted, the equivalent points will be removed from your cleared DC Reward Points. This may result in a negative points balance.