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What is Young Versace?


For the fashion conscious, Versace is a household name, as their iconic clothes have graced both runways and red carpets for decades. In 1993, Gianni Versace’s sister Donatella launched the Young Versace range, which makes the brand’s classic quality and style available to children. However, at the start of the AW2019 season, Young Versace became known as Versace, to reflect the evolution of the brand. 

Versace’s design aesthetic includes iconic motifs and eye-catching patterns, all elements that translate perfectly into a playful and fun designer childrenswear collection. The range includes clothing from birth to 16 years old, with gold-and-white dresses, to stylish boys jackets and girls clothes that mirror the current Versace trends, so your little one can wear the same prints and styles that are on the runway in Paris and Milan. 

Children are constantly on the move, and the Versace range makes sure that their clothes are made with the high quality materials expected from a luxury brand, so that they will stand up to rough and tumble day-to-day activities. 

Since 1993, the range has expanded into more than clothes, and now creates stunning designer kids shoes and accessories, from leather handbags to colourful hats. There is also a range of mothercare, including changing bags, bibs and baby blankets, ensuring your baby’s products are both stylish and practical. 2017 even became known as the year of Versace due to this expansion of products. 

Donatella Versace has worked to do more than just make designer childrenswear. In 2010, Donatella Versace was nominated for the “VH1 Do Something with Style Award,” an award that highlights people who help enact social change and support young people, for her work providing art supplies for children.

Both Donatella and her brother Gianni began their work designing clothes at a young age, inspired by their mother who was a dressmaker, so they are aware that children of any age can be interested in fashion. With Versace, you can make sure that your children can be at the forefront of fashion with their fun, stylish and practical designs. 

What does Versace mean?

The word Versace doesn’t have an intrinsic meaning, it refers to the surname of its founder, Gianni Versace. The Italian founded the company in 1978, but was murdered outside his home in Miami beach in 1997 by serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

Versace History

Since then, however, the fashion company has stayed in the family and is now owned by Donatella Versace, the late fashion designer’s sister. She is currently the Chief Creative Officer of the company, and the brainchild behind Versace Young, which creates exclusive designer childrenswear, from babygrows to baby jackets, in a bid to expand into the growing market for luxury children’s clothes.

It may not be the Italian word for style, but Versace as a brand has its own meaning. With over 40 years creating clothes, the brand is known for its innovative designs that blend classic silhouettes with bright colours and prints. It also embodies family values, as it has remained in Versace hands since the company’s inception.

The clothing brand is also known for its logo of Medusa, a beautiful female character from greek mythology who was turned into a hideous monster, with living venomous snakes living on her head in place of hair. A terrifying creature, anybody who gazed upon her face would instantly be turned into stone. Versace was inspired by the Medusa before she was turned into a monster – in the logo her hair is real, not snakes – who symbolises power, strength and beauty. 

His sister said that Versace used the Medusa logo because “whoever falls in love with Medusa can’t flee from her,” which might have been his attempt to create loyal customers for life!

The word Versace cannot be translated, but over the last 40 years it has come to mean high fashion, family values, and above all, great clothes.

Is Versace a luxury brand?

When Gianni Versace founded his eponymous clothing brand in 1978, he was one of the few independent designers who managed all aspects of the company, from design to retailing. The Italian brand is now a household name worldwide, but can it be called a luxury brand?

First we have to define what actually constitutes a luxury brand. Generally, the definition brings with it associations of high price, but in order to justify charging so much money, they have to deliver on certain other characteristics.


A luxury brand creates clothes from high-quality materials, meaning that they will not only look superior to other brands, but they will also last longer. Their clothes will be made with a higher quality control than high street brands, and small imperfections will not be tolerated. Versace produces almost all of its clothes, from design to creation, in Italy, under the watchful eye of Donatella Versace, who took over the company after Gianni Versace was killed in 1997.

Design Aesthetic

A luxury brand should immediately conjure up images of its famous products. Christian Louboutin is known for his high-heeled shoes with red soles and Burberry has its classic beige colour scheme and checked pattern. Versace clothes, in turn, are known for being colourful, eclectic and luxuriously classical. 


If you buy a luxury item, you don’t want to walk down the street and see that everyone is wearing the same dress as you; Paying for a high-end brand means paying for exclusivity. The Versace website states that some sizes may not be available because they only create a limited number of each item.

Versace has earned its place as a luxury brand because it meets the expectations that such a brand requires. They have even created a luxury designer childrenswear brand, so that parents can make sure their children can have the best, from a babygrow or baby girl dress to clothes for older children and teens. 

Do Versace do discounts?

Versace clothes are famous for their eye catching colours, bold prints, and trend-setting designs, no wonder everybody wants to get their hands on them! But for many, the high price point is a daunting prospect.

Luckily, Designer Childrenswear has luxury brands at lower prices. 
Versace is a luxury brand which prides itself on its high quality and exclusive items, and for this reason they are not prone to giving discounts on their clothes. They do, however, have sales twice a year, where they reduce the price of clothes from the previous fashion season (fall/winter of spring/summer), which is a good time to try and grab some bargain designer garments. 

If you don’t want to wait that long, then you can look online for Versace outlet stores, where Versace clothes are sold for over 50% less than the retail price. However, it’s extremely difficult to tell online whether an item is actually authentic Versace or if it is a knock-off, so be aware of the risks involved – you might end up spending £300 on a coat that said it was worth £600, but it’s actually just a copy of a Versace pattern! Luckily, all of of our clothes are authentic so you need not worry about shopping at Designer Childrenswear. 

Versace is aware of the plethora of counterfeit sellers and is working hard to reduce them. They say that Versace clothes are only sold in Versace boutiques, on or at ‘authorised retailers,’ but don’t give a list of which retailers are authorised.

If you do end up buying a Versace item from an outlet store, there is an online certification system that lets you verify whether that item is authentic. Certilogo allows you to input the CLG code (which should be on the label on the item) and will tell you whether you have a beautiful Versace piece of clothing, or an overpriced fake. 

This is also true for the other Versace ranges, such as Versace childrens jeans and Versace clothes for kids, so you can make sure the Versace sweatshirt your child looks so adorable in is the real deal. 

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