The Perks Of Pyrenex

Pyrenex Roots

The Crabos Company is firmly anchored in the heart of the Landes region, the historic heartland of French goose and duck breeding, a natural activity for the last 200 years in this area near the Pyrenees mountains.

The family saga begins in 1859 with the great-grandfather, Abel Crabos, collecting feathers from markets and farms. He was joined in the family business by his son, René. He bought a sorting machine that was modern at the time and specialized in the raw material itself. The exceptional quality of the goose and duck down from the Pyrenees earned it a reputation on the most demanding markets: Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia, then the United States and Japan. Most of all, René Crabos established the values of commitment, confidence and solidarity that forged the particular character of the company. And in a spirit of generosity Marie Crabos, René’s wife, created the first down jackets to protect prisoners from the cold during World War II.

Next Steps

In 1960, Rene’s son, Andre, created the first workshops for bedding accessories such as elderdowns, comforters and pillows, along with some down filled garments. Andre was the driving force behind Pyrenex for the next 50 years.

1968 was the year in which Pyrenex became the brands official name, named after the region which is at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains.

When Louis Audoubert was chosen as technical adviser for the brand, and created the first mountaineering jacket. Audoubert himself had climbed in the Pyrenees and the Himalayas, and is well known worldwide. The down jackets were created especially for him and accompanied him on many of his expeditions. The very first jackets from Pyrenex were technical, designer to insulate and protect the wearer from the elements.




In the 80’s, the jackets were taken from the mountains and to the street, becoming a fashion statement among the masses. The Oisans, which was crafted from cotton with leather details was a success on the runway which made Pyrenex’s reputation.  The 80’s was also the era of bright colours and glossy fabrics, with voluminous silhouettes for comfort.

In 2004, Edouard Crabos represented the fifth generation, taking over the reins of the company at the age of 32. Pyrenex created a new premium line, synonymous with French excellence and placed young designers in charge of artistic direction.

These jackets are selected in the finest stores from Paris, Beijing, New York and Hong Kong, as well as Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The Junior range of Pyrenex stays very true to the classic line and provides durable, extremely insulated, fashionable clothing for your little ones Age 8-16 years. We are extremely proud to be stocking the AW’17 collection at Designer Childrenswear.




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