Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow
Designer Childrenswear adopt the colours of the rainbow into our logo to show our support for NHS frontline heroes

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow

At Designer Childrenswear, we’re showing our support for the NHS and the Stay Home Rainbow campaign, by adopting the colours of the rainbow into our logo and branding. To all of the amazing NHS workers, frontline staff, key workers and carers, we want you all to know how thankful we all are for your wonderful work and that we’d be lost without you! We’re hoping that whenever you see our new rainbow logo, and rainbows in windows, you’ll know how much you mean to us; we’re so grateful for everything you’re doing to keep us and our loved ones safe.

What is the symbolic meaning of a rainbow?

Rainbows have always been seen as a symbol of hope, motivation, good luck and good fortune. In Irish mythology it was thought that there was a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, hidden by leprechauns to prevent invaders coming from overseas and stealing Irish treasures. The myth came from the time of the invasion of the Vikings, when they looted the land and buried their treasures all over the Irish countryside. The myth had it that if you found the end of the rainbow, you’d be rewarded with the leprechaun’s hidden treasure; the pot of gold and good fortune would be yours!

Nowadays rainbows are considered a sign of happiness and a symbol of weathering a storm.

Often times, the brightest rainbows follow the darkest rainstorms”



The rainbow has been adopted as the “stay home, save lives, stay positive” symbol in the battle against Covid-19. Children and adults all over the world have been painting rainbows and putting them up in the windows of their homes to spread hope and to remind the outside world to stay safe and positive knowing that there will be happiness on the other side of the global pandemic. The rainbow in the window for coronavirus has created a rainbow route for people to spot during their daily exercise. The trend is believed to have originated in Italy, but has since been adopted by many countries around the world. Here in the UK, the symbol has also been recognised as a way of thanking our wonderful NHS and key workers for everything that they are doing to beat the pandemic. Children have been uploading photographs of their rainbows to social media using the hashtag #chasetherainbow, so those stuck inside can see their joyful creations. And now, with lockdown extended, many creatives are getting involved too!

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow
#chasetherainbow from Instagram

Many artists and fashion designers have also been inspired by the Covid-19 rainbow theme. Artist Damien Hirst created ‘Butterfly Rainbow’, made up of bands of coloured butterfly wings, in his own personal tribute to the NHS. His coronavirus rainbow can be downloaded for free from his website and the original is to be put up for auction, with all profits from the piece going straight to the NHS. Similarly, he also designed a second piece, ‘Butterfly Rainbow Heart’, to celebrate charities and individuals in London, helping to feed the hungry during the Coronavirus crisis.

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow
Damien Hirst’s ‘Butterfly Rainbow’

Alongside Hirst, Sir Quentin Blake who is probably most famously known for illustrating the stories of Roald Dahl and David Walliams has released a set of ten rainbow eCards to send to friends and family during the lockdown. The free, downloadable cards show rainbows being used as hair, a dog kennel and a moustache alongside other imaginings and are a really sweet way to show someone that they are being thought of during this difficult time.

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow
Quentin Blake Rainbow e-cards

British Vogue asked 21 British Fashion Designers to imagine their versions of the Stay Home rainbow trend in tribute to the NHS, with beautiful and varying results!

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow
A tribute to the NHS by Erdem for British Vogue

With stunning tributes across many different mediums, the designers involved really embraced the Stay Safe rainbow trend. This beautiful headscarf sketch above is from designer Erdem Moralioglu. And what perfect way to accessorise the headscarf than with Manolo Blahnik’s Rainbow Shoe (below)?

Rainbow Shoe, Manolo Blahnik

“Each flower on this shoe represents an NHS worker. Unbelievably kind and selfless individuals who are putting our health and wellbeing before their own. I am so grateful to each and every one of them.”

Manolo Blahnik for British Vogue

Homeschooling: Taking the Rainbow route

We understand that homeschooling the kids isn’t always easy, and with so many wonderful ways to create and incorporate rainbows into your life, we thought that some rainbow projects might be a really good addition to your daily homeschooling plan! Here are some creative ways to get arty and show your support for the NHS, key workers, carers and your loved ones along the way!

Teach little ones the colours of the rainbow song

‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’ is a great way to teach the colours of the rainbow to early years children. Why not paint rainbows and get them to sing the song? It’s a perfect way to put their learning into practice!

Let your older kids make Rainbow Cookie Lollipops

How to make rainbow cookie pops!

Click the image above for the ingredients and method to make these delicious Stay Safe Rainbow Cookie Lollipops! Baking is always a great way to get older kids involved in the kitchen and these cookie pops will make the perfect care gift to leave on the doorstep for a loved one during lockdown (or as a tasty treat to have at home after a hard day’s homeschooling!). Enjoy!

Make a handprint rainbow

Make a handprint rainbow

A one to get all the kids involved in! It’s messy but fun, and your handprint Stay Home rainbow will look so good hanging in your window as a reminder to everyone to stay safe and be positive!

Competition Time! Decorate your own DC Rainbow logo!

Competition now closed! Well done to our winner Sienna Smaje!

Rainbows For Heroes #Chasetherainbow

We’ve got a great homeschooling task for the kids, that could win them an amazing prize and it’s so simple to enter! To take part simply do the following:

1 Parents: Download the template of our Designer Childrenswear logo and print it off (or edit it on your phone/tablet)

2 Kids: Decorate it in rainbow colours to the best of your ability, using whatever method you’d like; this is YOUR chance to be creative. You can colour it, paint it, add glitter or make a collage; let your imagination run wild! Show us your best Stay Home rainbow!

3 Post a picture of your rainbow logo in the comments on our Facebook page (look for the post advertising our competition; you’ll need to post in the comments under this!)

4 We’ll pick a winner who’ll win a pair of Lelli Kelly rainbow sliders!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative!

And remember to stay home, stay safe and stay positive!

Love Team DC x

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