Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

Parajumpers is one of the world’s leading outerwear brands.  Massimo Rossetti, a man with many years of experience designing outerwear and a successful importer of American brands to the Italian market, is something of an adventurer.  During a trip to Anchorage, Alaska, Rossetti had a chance encounter with a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron which provided him with his inspiration for Parajumpers.  The men of the 210th Rescue Squadron based in Anchorage are highly trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest, hostile and most remote areas of the world.  They are known as the Parajumpers or the PJs and are better trained than any other military corps so that they can use their skills and techniques to save lives.  A combination of Rossetti’s love of fashion, travel and his discoveries about the 210th Rescue Squadron, Parajumpers and Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti was born.

that others may live-motto of the 210th Rescue Squadron

Formed in 2006, Parajumpers and Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti are a tribute to these courageous men, translating their work attire into contemporary outerwear and ready to wear for men, women and children. Combining Rossetti’s love of travel and his discoveries with his love of fashion, Parajumpers was born. So moved by Rossetti’s tribute to them, four members of the Parajumpers regiment travelled to Italy at their own expense to thank him for honouring their bravery and efforts.

Parajumpers design

Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

Always pushing the boundaries of developing new fabric ideas in the most sustainable ways, Parajumpers are built to last.  Made with the Parajumpers Squadron in mind, many of the coats feature a large, zippable multi-cargo pocket, or a collection of pockets on the frontline, designed for carrying accessories such as GPS devices or mobile phones.  Then for warmth, padded-down is used to line the coats, and fur is used to trim the hoods.  In another nod to the regiment, creative collar fastenings like hooks used for parachuting are incorporated into many Parajumpers designs.  As well as the Parajumpers troop, Rossetti was inspired by many things on his travels.  Seeing a Nylon back pack with multiple zips and hooks, he took inspiration from this when designing the hardware for the jackets.  Similarly, seeing a pocket on a fireman’s jacket large enough to store a helmet inspired some of the outside cargo pockets on his original designs.  Parajumpers are a successful merger of technology and functionality and are an example of affordable and practical, top-quality outerwear.  In the interests of sustainability, the fur used in the creation of Parajumpers is ethically sourced and farm-bred and the company are constantly pushing the boundaries of developing new and innovative fabric ideas with the most sustainable dying and finishing techniques.

The original Parajumpers collection consisted of identical jackets made from the same fabric in one of four colours for men and women.  Thereafter, they branched out into three different styles, the Gobi, the Kodiak and the Denali, each with their own distinguishing features.  The Gobi, a short-bomber jacket, features a two-way zip that opens at the top and bottom and a bright yellow tab so the jacket can always be found (a nod to the Parajumpers who use yellow as a signal in search and rescue situations).  The frontline design features three pockets for accessories, with the men’s style also featuring a removable interior.  The Kodiak differs completely in style; it’s a long parker and is inspired less by the military design.  Finally, the Denali is a field jacket.  By only offering a small selection of immaculately designed styles, the brand continues to be successful.

Parajumpers by Massimo Rossetti

The Gobi

Expanding the Parajumpers brand

Since originally designing coats and jackets, Massimo Rossetti has now expanded Parajumpers by branching out into knitwear, offering crewneck jumpers and full zip hoodies.  These jumpers were inspired by garments found in Canada and Alaska which were built for the weather and almost too heavy to wear.  Rossetti’s designer mind enabled him to adapt and create his own versions of these garments, by staying true to the aesthetic but using softer materials that are more comfortable to wear and more pleasant to touch.  Other variations of coats are now available too, such as the Long Bear which still clearly represents the Parajumpers aesthetic, but is knee length, follows the line of the body and is narrower at the shoulders.

Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

Mini-me Style

The beauty with choosing a Parajumpers coat is that every style is available across menswear, womenswear and childrenswear meaning it’s really easy to team up with your little ones for matching mini-me Parajumper style.  Here at Designer Childrenswear, we stock a variety of Parajumpers for your children in ages 8 to 16 years, from the cool Gobi bomber jacket, to the super-warm Long Bear Coat and lots of other styles in between.

Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

Pharell jacket (available at Designer Childrenswear)

The Pharell jacket (left) is a cool and sleek puffer style coat with a real street style feel, and is a perfect fit for the autumnal weather.  Available in a variety of colours (and in a similar style for girls called the Mariah) this chic jacket is surefire head-turner.

Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

Ski Master (available at Designer Childrenswear)

The Ski Master is a popular choice and is the epitome of everything that sums up the Parajumpers brand.  Complete with fur-trimmed hood, yellow-tape and iconic pockets the Ski Master is the perfect winter coat and is available across all of the collections.

All of our Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti are available both online and in our Sunderland store.  Shop now, to look cool and stay warm this winter.

Parajumpers Kids by Massimo Rossetti

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