Holiday Essentials

Summer Necessities

Summer is just round the corner and for many of us our holidays are already booked this can only mean one thing… time to get clothes shopping. Don’t stress we have everything you need for your little sweetheart may it be beach towels or a night time outfit. We are receiving many different holiday essentials every week here at Designer Childrenswear that i am sure you will love.

CK favourites

Our Calvin Klein collection has all the swimwear products that you could need, from swim shirts to bikinis and swimming trunks. The sizes range from 4 years to 16 years of age. There are many different style and colours of swimwear for both girls and boys. Here are some of my favourite picks.

  This mint coloured Calvin Klein bikini is available from ages 4 to 16.

Here we have the pink power bikini which is extremely popular.

Our boys collection also has a wide range of colours and designs. We have either short trunks or longer shorts depending on your preference. Your youngster will be turning heads in these stylish shorts.

Here we have the blue CK swimming trunks

As well as Calvin Klein we have many other popular brands that you will be impressed with such as Gucci, there are a wide variety of Gucci products that would be perfect for your holidays we have different types of shorts for your little boy, we have both heavier and lighter material. The Gucci shorts are perfect for your holidays and are available in different colours too we have white denim shorts which would be great to wear on a night time or if it is a more chilled environment we also have the cotton shorts which are available in navy and grey. If you’re looking for a lighter material to wear throughout the day we have the navy or pale blue shorts.

As you can see these shorts are of a lighter material so could be worn both throughout the day and also on a nighttime.

Our Moschino swimwear collection is also not one to be missed we have swimming trunks, swimming costumes and also bikinis available these are quirky and colourful items that look fun and witty. The Moschino symbols such as the popular teddy bear will allow your child to show off their new cool swimwear and make other jealous

We also have different beach towels available such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger perfect for a day down the beach, sunbathing in style.

One of the all time favourites is the Young Versace swimming costume in purple, the Versace symbol is encrusted in gold studs this piece is simply amazing and is available from ages 4 to 11.

Leave a comment and let us know what your favourite products are and head over to our website to check out some more holiday picks.


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