Halloween isn’t cancelled! Tips for a safe Halloween

halloween isn't cancelled

Hoorah! Halloween isn’t cancelled

Halloween isn’t cancelled this year, so don’t be spooked! 2020 may have looked a little different, but that doesn’t mean that all of our favourite celebrations have to be cancelled! Here at Designer Childrenswear, we’re taking the stress out of your Halloween planning by coming up with a host of fun ideas so that it can still happen. So have fun and stay safe by following our top tips for a Halloween at home, we promise it’ll be a real Spooktacular this year! So get ready for Saturday 31st October, with our terror-tastic tips for a great Halloween.

Top five tips for an amazing Halloween at Home

1 Play traditional Halloween games

Bobbing for apples might seem a little unhygienic in times when we’re constantly thinking of avoiding germs. So instead of abandoning it altogether, why not try a game of bobbing for doughnuts instead? Simply string ring donuts from a ceiling, or an outdoor tree, and try and bite them away without using any hands! Try not to lick the sugar away until the end!

halloween isn't cancelled

apple bobbing

If bobbing isn’t your thing, why not try and give a traditional game a Halloween twist? Like a spooky scavenger hunt, where the winner gets sweets for their trick or treat bucket, or a fun game of Halloween charades!

2 Pumpkin Carving Competition

halloween isn't cancelled 

pumpkin carving
Pumpkin carving fun!

One of the funnest things to do on Halloween is carve a pumpkin! So why not have a carving competition? Obviously we don’t want any accidents, so why not get the kids to design their pumpkin on paper, then you do the carving. And it doesn’t even have to be a spooky design, the wackier the better! You could even make a spooky pumpkin broth with the flesh from the inside so you’re minimising waste too! Up the stakes and upload your finished pumpkins to social media; without revealing who carved which pumpkin, allow your friends to vote for their favourite, with the winner getting a prize. It’s a great way to involve family that you may not be able to socialise with due to COVID area restrictions; you could even compete online household by household! That way you can stay safe whilst still having fun with your family and friends!

3 Watch Halloween movies for kids

halloween isn't cancelled
Popcorn perfect for a Halloween movie!

What better way to spend an evening of Halloween fun, then watching a spooky movie? Bring your trick or treat pots and huddle up on the sofa to watch a child-friendly Halloween classic! We’d recommend Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” the original “Witches” movie or “The Addams Family”. For a great list of Halloween classics that are perfect for children, click here!

4 Dress up this Halloween, make your own costumes, or shop Halloween colours

The witches are coming!

One of the best parts of Halloween is the fancy dress! If everyone’s at home this year, why not get creative with the kids and make your Halloween costumes instead? Kids love to get involved with arts and crafts and your costumes will be so original. A black bin bag makes the perfect witch’s dress, an old sheet can transform someone into the scariest ghost and a roll of bandages makes a really convincing mummy! Add some skin-friendly face paints into the mix and let the terror commence. If you’ve got older kids that aren’t so keen on dressing up, why not let them choose some clothes that they could wear again, and just stick to Halloween colours? We’ve got lots of AW20 arrivals that would be perfect for that Halloween colour scheme! Shop our black and orange picks (or get your hands on some spooky Stella by clicking the image below!).

halloween isn't cancelled
Spooky Stella!

5 Cook up some Devilish Delights this Halloween

Image from BBC Good Food

Whether simply making spooky Halloween biscuits, or going for a full Halloween inspired meal, cooking is a great way to involve all of the family in the freakish fun! With some great food ideas and recipes available at BBC Good Food (here) you’ll be spoilt for choice this Halloween! Get the kids involved and cook up a storm, the more creative the better!

Halloween isn’t cancelled, it just looks a bit different this year!

We wish you a wonderfully fun Halloween this year, and whilst your plans might not be what you expected, we hope our helpful tips will make you have a perfect one that’s fun for all of the family! Remember to stay safe and have a Spooktacular time!

Team DC x

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