Where to find the best children’s clothes for Christmas?

The festive season is nearly upon us, so it’s time to start working on your Christmas present list. Getting kids presents they’ll love can be a mammoth task, but you can’t go wrong with some quality clothes from Designer Childrenswear. We stock brands from Armani to Versace, and everything in-between, so browse our range today

Best quality Christmas gifts for children

Christmas is such a special time of year and we want to give each other thoughtful gifts that we can treasure for a long time. Designer clothes truly are worth every penny, as they are made using the best quality materials.

Not only do they look great, but they can also make you feel great and a lot more confident. Sturdy and resilient, designer garments are built to endure the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of kids and teens.

Dressing children for Christmas parties

Parties and celebrations go hand in hand with the Christmas season; children can wear their designer clothes on the big day itself, or even for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Designer clothes are the best way to impress everyone at a party and children can feel like a red carpet celebrity as they turn up to the function. Versatile and stylish, just one designer item will become a staple addition to a child’s wardrobe and you’ll be surprised at just how many outfits you can make with it.

Designer clothes for children of all ages

Children of all ages can be treated to designer clothes at Christmas, which is why we stock for all children aged 0-16.

However, designer clothes are a particularly useful gift for tweens and fashion-conscious teenagers; this age group can feel confident in their designer clothes while socialising and attending their own Christmas parties. Unwrapping Gucci or Fendi clothes on Christmas morning is sure to bring a smile to your teen’s face.

What to buy for children at Christmas?

Christmas is that time of the year when families get together to celebrate. As you rejoice in the season’s festive spirit, you want to ensure your children step out in style. While shopping for your children is fun, finding those perfect Christmas outfits can be a daunting task. Below are tips on what presents to buy for your children this Christmas.

Christmas Clothes for Girls

Red petticoat for girls

Red being the theme colour of Christmas makes a red petticoat the perfect dress for your daughter. Team it with a matching top and your daughter is ready to step out looking like a festive fairy!

Reindeer outfit for girls

Christmas cannot be complete without a bit of white and red. A two-piece children’s Christmas dress will fit perfectly with the festive atmosphere. You can choose a red cotton top with ruffle sleeves, banded neckline, and a little bow. The reindeer embroidery on it adorable and attractive as it has applique leaves detail and a Christmas hat.

Santa Christmas party dress for girls

The Santa party dress is ideal for Christmas evening parties. Its white-on-red polka dots and the net frills make it glamorous. It has a touch of green that makes it stylish and a Santa embroidery that gives it the festive spirit.

Christmas Clothes for Boys

Waistcoat shirt and tie set for boys

This dapper set is sure to make your son the centre of attraction at all events. It will make your boy look smart and will suit most events during the festive season. To make it last longer, consider hand washing it as opposed to using the washing machine.

Velvet suit blazer for boys

A velvet suit blazer is what you need if you are looking for a formal dress for your little prince. It is both classy and elegant, making it a perfect outfit not only for Christmas but also other formal events. You can team the blazer with matching trousers and shoes.

As a parent, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to dress or what presents to buy for your children this Christmas. Let your little princes and princesses shine brightly with beautiful holiday outfits.

What should I put in my children’s stockings?

Children may be horrified to discover that traditional Christmas stockings contained little more than oranges, nuts, sweeties and a few coins and small toys. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t include these things, but times have changed and so have our children! This year you could fill stockings with some thoughtful presents that, while not quite a tangerine and a handful of nuts, will be traditional and homespun in a way that previous generations would have appreciated.

1. A personalised jigsaw puzzle

A photo montage jigsaw is a personal gift that could celebrate lots of their achievements from the year. Grade 2 ballet exam? Rugby team win? What a lovely way to remember the high points of their year!

2. Experiences

How about buying an ‘experience’ and putting it in a small envelope in the stocking? A session at a dry ski slope, a craft activity session or ticket to the zoo would make for a lovely day out during the festive holiday.

3. Traditional craft projects

Your local haberdashery will have things like a knitting doll and a pompom maker. Include some bright wool and enjoy some quality time teaching the children how to make simple craft projects.

4. Origami

A book of origami paper and instructions should keep the family entertained as the dinner cooks. Designs can be very complex but even the smallest fingers can manage the classic origami crane.

Of course, the best gift is saved for parents – seeing the children open their presents and spending quality time away from work and school.

Head out after lunch for a traditional walk, making sure to wrap them up nice and warm in something exquisite like a beautiful Stella McCartney jacket, or, this zingy bright reversible jacket by Fendi.

Christmas is all about tradition, and wearing beautiful designer clothes can be a little tradition they grow up enjoying.

How to dress children for Christmas

Parents want their children to look great during Christmas. Many would love their babies looking sweet, their little boys dressed in suits and their little girls in fancy dresses. You want your children to arrive at their grandmother’s house looking perfect. This means they have to put on the right outfit before they get out the door. The clothes you choose for your children will depend partly on their age. Below are a few tips on how to make your children look like angels during Christmas.

Dressing Infants

Infants’ outfits do not last long without spit-up stains unless they are kept in a bib. You should buy a new, clean bib that matches your baby’s outfit. For long events, consider keeping your baby’s outfit simple. You could also carry a holiday-coloured accessory such as a red hat to make your baby look festive.

Little crawlers

For crawling girls, those beautiful skirts may not work well as they easily get caught under their knees and hands. A short skirt or a pants outfit paired with leggings would be ideal. Since shoes hardly stay on crawlers, consider buying simple ones and pair them with clean, bright-coloured socks.

Active toddlers

For active toddlers, avoid any clothes with collars because they easily catch juice and food stains. Similarly, avoid long-sleeved clothes as they easily get dragged across the child’s plate or land in the gravy boat. Ensure your toddlers put on good shoes for church or Christmas portraits. When playing with their cousins, allow them to wear comfortable sneakers.

Buying clothes for boys and girls at Christmas

For boys, consider buying soft button-down shirts that will look great even when untucked. Elastic-waist pants will allow for easy trips to the potty and quick diaper changes. For girls, you could use cute tights or diaper covers so that diapers don’t peek out. For both boys and girls, get shirts with stretchy neck openings to make it easy to dress them. Also, buy your children shoes with fasteners as they are easy to get on. Denim is also ideal because it does not easily reveal stains.

Christmas is an excellent moment for children, and they must look good. You can make it memorable by having your children dress in quality outfits suitable for the occasion. As a parent, you can make it easy for you by being practical in the choice of clothes for your children.

Where to find the best children's clothes for Christmas?
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Where to find the best children's clothes for Christmas?

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