Beauty and the Beast Melissa collection

Beauty and the Beast is back in for 2017 and serves as the inspiration for Mini Melissa’s latest magical collaboration. The popular 1991 Disney classic tells the tale of a prince transformed into a beast who must fall in love before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose, otherwise he will stay a beast forever. He falls in love with Belle, a young woman imprisoned in his castle, and she becomes a princess. The film was given a live-action reboot this year, starring Emma Watson as Belle and has inspired a new generation of fans.

The creation of the special new Mini Melissa collection takes inspiration from the beautiful princess Belle and features 7 different shoes, each adorned with different iconic features from the film. The rose decoration on top refers to the classic enchanted rose from the film and comes in either red, pink or gold combined with a black, yellow, pink or ivory shoe. The yellow shoe will surely be a favourite as it takes inspiration from Belle’s iconic yellow princess dress, which combined with the red rose, makes it a stand out piece. The collection also features the adorable little teacup Chip alongside his mother the teapot Mrs Potts on top of a pearl or pink shoe. The attention to detail can also be seen on the padded insole which features a detailed image of both Belle and the Beast or Chip and Mrs Potts from the film. These shoes can be worn either with party dresses or dressed down to add a magical touch to any outfit. Mini Melissa’s flexible jelly shoes combined with playful features and collaborations makes them a firm favourite of Harper Beckham and Blue Ivy. They are easy to get on and off and the addition of a signature sweet scent makes these shoes ideal for any aspiring little princesses.

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