Are expensive clothes worth it?

Children in designer clothes

When you have children, many people are against spending a lot of money on clothes as children tend to ruin things at quite a rapid rate (especially when they’re babies).
With this in mind, you may be wondering if it’s worth investing in a designer wardrobe for your mini me. Think Gucci kidsGivenchy baby and Lelli Kelly – all the labels!

Here’s just a few reasons why spending just a bit more on children’s clothes, and designer ones at that, can indeed be worth it.

First and foremost, we’re advocates of the saying ‘buy cheap buy twice’. When paying for kids’ designer clothes, you should expect (and the majority of the time, usually receive) high quality. Brands such as Givenchy kids and Moschino might be higher priced than those on the high street, but seeing as kids have a tendency to ruin their clothes pretty fast, it’s worth forking out the extra to ensure they last longer.

Think about school shoes, too. Designer school shoes last longer. Lelli Kelly school shoes are super stylish, practical and comfy, and unlike high street brands, you won’t have to stress about them falling apart within the first year of having them. Plus, you could size up and add insoles to make them last even longer.

Designer brands such as Moschino are timeless and not just for adults; they’ll never go out of style, even for the little ones. Once they’ve grown out of them, you can either hand the designer childrenswear down to other siblings or little ones in the family, keep for future babies, or sell on to a new home. Either way, they’ll absolutely keep their value. Accessories are no exception, either. Items such as a kids Gucci belt will provide more longevity as they won’t grow out of it as fast as clothing, and it’ll stay in fashion for years to come.

The only real con to paying more for children’s clothes is just that: paying more. As kids (especially boys) are prone to a bit of rough and tumble at playtime, and understandably not knowing the value of clothing, they won’t be thinking about keeping them clean. And as they won’t be thinking about this, it means you shouldn’t have to either. This is where a higher price tag and high quality comes in; you’re paying for the highest quality products.
So, to wrap it all up, spending a bit more money on kids designer clothes is well and truly worth it in the long run. Not only will they keep their value, but they’ll also look amazing now (and in several years’ time) and last for absolutely ages. If you’ve got an eye for fashion and would prefer quality over quantity for your kids, it’s a no-brainer!

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