#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

We are excited to announce the arrival of top French brand Balmain to the DC family.  A brand loved by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Balmain is the epitome of modern day style.  Headed up by the creative guidance of Olivier Rousteing, Balmain is cool, sassy and super-stylish. #BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear.

Balmain: A History

Founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain, his bold and feminine style was a contrast to the utilitarian looks of the day.  The style codes of the house were distinctive and super-feminine, complete with nipped-in waists, longer and fuller skirts.  Balmain quickly became a favourite go to house of both European and Hollywood royalty.  Pierre Balmain worked at the atelier of Lucien Lelong alongside Christian Dior and Hubert Givenchy before leaving to form his own house; his success came rapidly due to his mastery of couture techniques.

Pierre Balmain was alone with Cristobal Balenciaga, Jacques Fath and Christian Dior as one of the young Turks who revitalised Paris couture after the German occupation-New York Times

Pierre Balmain‘s real success came during the 1950s, when his Atlantic slim suits, strapless evening gowns and romantic bouffant shirts conquered American markets.  Stars like Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Sophie Loren wore his designs both onscreen and off, introducing the brand to a vast global market.  Since Pierre Balmain’s death in 1982, the house has been guided by a series of strong designers who have all stayed true to the spirit of its founder.  One of the most prolific designers that oversaw the house was Oscar De La Renta.  Creative director during the nineties, he created a series of collections that were inspired by the colours, fluidity and elegance that was true to the Balmain aesthetic.

Olivier Rousteing and his #BalmainArmy

Olivier Rousteing was named creative director for Balmain in 2011.  He has successfully placed his own stamp on Balmain, whilst remaining true to the history of the house, relying on the rich archives for inspiration and using the atelier’s mastery of intricate and traditional couture techniques.  Rousteing publicises his designs with help from his #BalmainArmy, young men and women of the designer’s own generation who are social media gurus, living their lives in the public eye.

Much of Olivier Rousteing’s work is inspired and influenced by Paris, his hometown, for its great beauty and style.  As well as this, Rousteing is also inspired by music, citing the two things as being synonymously linked and impossible to separate.  Musical melodies are his inspiration and his favourite artists are often the focus of his campaigns.

#Balmain Army

Through Olivier Rousteing, the ‘#BalmainArmy ‘ hashtag gave the house a new way to communicate with its audience, social media followers and customers.  Reaching out to clients, fans and potential customers digitally through both his own personal social media, and the official Balmain account gives Rousteing a new way to reach out to customers immediately and honestly ensuring that new collections are seen by the correct audience.  Many of Rousteing’s celebrity friends such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez are established members of the Balmain Army, promoting the Balmain message through their own social media accounts and spreading it across the world.

Balmain Childrenswear launched in 2016

Olivier Rousteing was first inspired to branch out into children’s wear, when his friend Kim Kardashian asked him to create bespoke mini-me outfits for her daughter North West.  Both Rousteing and Kardashian agreed that the Balmain universe could belong to kids and Balmain childrenswear was born!  Rousteing has also created similar mini-me looks for Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy.  Balmain’s CEO said of the announcement:

“We’re excited to bring Balmain’s unique style to a new, younger customer, while guaranteeing to their parents the type of quality and craftsmanship that can only come from an historic Paris house. I know for certain that I am going to be hearing from quite a few pleased parents once this news is made public!” Commented Emmanuel Diemoz, Balmain CEO.

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in matching Balmain

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Kim Kardashian and North West in matching Balmain

Olivier Rousteing added that it was easy for him to choose which pieces to replicate for his childrenswear collection;

“It was very easy to choose which styles to produce,” Rousteing said. “These are the same looks that, over the years, mums and dads have repeatedly pleaded with me to create for their kids.”

Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

We are incredibly excited to have Balmain Kids become part of the Designer Childrenswear family.  In ages 4 to 16, we’ve got some amazing pieces available, from an amazing blue tutu, to t-shirts, super-cool sneakers and stylish swimwear.  Here are some of the stand out pieces to whet your appetite!

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Balmain Kids SS’19 at Designer Childrenswear


Look magnificent in these monochrome beauties, available both online and in our Sunderland store.  Sock trainers are all the rage this season and look so stylish paired with pretty much everything!  So whether your children love joggers, leggings, skirts or jeans, Balmain sock trainers will definitely make the perfect pairing.

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Balmain Trainers, £318.99

If sock trainers aren’t your thing, how about high-tops?  They’re the epitome of street style!

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Balmain Trainers, £332.99


#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear


#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Available for £173.99

Beautifully branded, these exquisite Balmain swimsuits are just perfect for that upcoming summer holiday.  Your girls will be trend setters and will love being part of the #BalmainArmy, chilling stylishly around the pool!

Stunning style staples

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Balmain bomber jacket, £994.99

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

Balmain skirt, £347.99

There are some amazing pieces in the Spring/Summer Balmain collection, like this stunning black jacket, finished with Balmain tape and exquisite tiger motif, or this chic and stylish electric-blue tutu. Balmain is perfect for the fashion-forward; get yours at Designer Childrenswear, both online and in store today!

#BalmainArmy Balmain Kids comes to Designer Childrenswear

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