Wonderful Free eBooks for Kids

There is no doubt about it, reading is one of the best ways to progress and develop your child’s mind and intellect. It has also been proven to aid with mental health and behaviour too. So here at Designer Childrenswear we are going to try and help get kids reading from a young age. With the advent of technology like iPad’s and kindle’s (which most kids seem to be glued to for the wrong reasons) we are going to provide links to our top choices of free eBooks every single week in our newsletter.

Week 1 – The Queen’s Jesters – Mimi Cliff Aged 6

Our first free eBook is a fantastic short kids story written by a 6 year old called Mimi Cliff. You can really join in with her imagination through this book and be inspired to write your own stories too. Click the link below to register and read the book on your PC, Tablet or Mobile!


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